The “CSV 126K” Commercial Facility has the capacity to produce 126,000 liters per day of international quality biodiesel from any raw organic oil feedstock and is fully self-contained inside one (3) 12 meter shipping containers. Each container module is a complete and ready to operate unit with all controls and monitoring through various sensors controlled by a computer operating system specifically designed and installed for Dove Biotech Company Limited, and Dove Biotech Company Limited provides a comprehensive training program in the use of the computer operating system and operation of the system as a whole.

The “CSV 126K” is ready for operation upon placement at the clients chosen site of operations by simply attaching the production line from the client’s raw organic oil storage tank and the product production lines to the product storage tanks, and tying into the electrical power source at the chosen site of the client. If power is not available or if the client wishes to reduce his production costs, Dove Biotech Company Limited will supply with the total process package a co-generation unit that will be run on biodiesel that will supply all the power needs for the processing facility, plus extra electrical capacity that can be used to supply local villages etc, or the client’s camp operations.

Dove Biotech Company Limited provides a ONE YEAR full parts and labor warranty for the “CSV 126K” biodiesel process system.

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