DOVE BIOTECH LIMITED was formed to address and meet today’s needs for the Total Renewable, Sustainable Solutions to the Global Energy and Water Needs, utilizing technologies developed and manufactured by the DOVE GROUP OF COMPANIES.

DOVE BIOTECH directors are highly skilled professionals in the fields of engineering, organic chemistry, marine biology, botany and business, which incorporates a high level of professionalism and skills required for every project undertaken by DOVE BIOTECH thus eliminating the need for outside services.

A) CSV™ - CRITICAL SHEAR VELOCITY BIODIESEL PROCESSING, which can meet production needs from 10,000 liters per day up to 120,000 liters per day (for standard plants range) for production of Biodiesel from any organic oil source. DOVE BIOTECH also produces plants with larger capacities, over and above 120,000 Lit/day. This technology is capable of using mixed raw organic oil (Mixed feedstocks) to produce European Standard Biodiesel.

B) CAB™ - CONTINUOUS ANAEROBIC BIODIGESTION, which can take any organic fiber source and convert this organic fiber source into “Natural Gas”, which can be used for cooking gas or for vehicles, earthmoving equipment, various diesel engines and for power plants generating electricity. In addition the CAB™ produces “Highly Nitrified Organic Fertilizers”, which effectively addresses agricultural needs in fertilizer requirements with not only major cost savings, but also addresses the current environmental concerns in every region of the world.

C) CSD™ - CONTINUOUS SOLAR DISTILLATION , which can take any water at source, including but not limited to brackish water, unpurified river or lake water, as well as sea water and convert these waters into potable water for drinking, for irrigation purposes and even for remote industrial sites that do not have access to clean potable water, at practically no cost. In addition CSD™ produces High Grade Industrial Salt, free of any contamination, which carries a high market product value.

Today ethanol production has become big business and forms an integral part of any nation’s strategic energy policies and as such DOVE BIOTECH brings the latest in ethanol process technology Molecular Sieve Dehydration Technology. Molecular sieve dehydration technology utilizes micro-porous particles such as alumino-silicates, processing a very precise pore size. The pores make it possible to separate small molecules form large ones through selective adsorption. Ethanol can also be produced from "cellulosic biomass" such as trees and grasses and is called bioethanol. The fuel grade ethanol (Anhydrous Alcohol or dry ethanol) contains no more than 0.5% water. It is used as an octane enhancer for motor gasoline.

Ethanol production has moved into high tech with the advent of DOVE BIOTECH CONTINUOUS ZERO DISCHARGE TECHNOLOGY. Due to environmental concerns over waste water discharge and the concerns of a valuable waste stream not being utilized DOVE BIOTECH has responded with CZD™ technology which converts this waste into energy, and fertilizer utilizing complete neutral emissions on waste streams from an ethanol production. The biological energy of organic particulars in the ethanol waste stream is converted to thermal energy and fertilizer.

DOVE BIOTECH air pollution control equipment provides a total solution to the industrial requirements for the control of air quality emissions APC™ air pollution control systems, provide solution for fume extraction & scrubbing, particulate control, heat recovery and VOC control.

DOVE BIOTECH manufacture and supplies advance systems for treatment of wastewater, which includes sewage water treatment and wastewater treatment systems.

I) Organic Waste Water Solutions
CWP-121™ is “State of the Art” and the latest in organic waste water filtration solutions which creates a separation of organic or inorganic loads from the waste streams of various industrial applications. Commonly waste water streams were managed through the application of various waste water ponds, whereby the process of filtration was left to aerobic applications, which did little to address heavy soluble metals and other related carcogenic material that may be inherent within the waste water stream. Using CWP-121™ waste water solution, applications can be addressed for town water supplies, sewerage effluent, biological ponds, industrial and mining waster water discharges, swimming pools and many other waste water streams that need a total solution. CWP-121™ has a particularly high selectivity for NH4 and can reduce ammonium content in any waste water by up to 97%, and with modifications in ion charge CWP-121™ provides the flexibility to absorb anions as well as cations and also non polar organics such as benzene, toluene and xylene. CWP-121™ is an excellent ion exchanger for the removal and recovery of heavy metal cations such as Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, Co, Cr, Mn, and Fe with a recovery rate up to 97%.


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