DOVE BIOTECH LIMITED has been established to promote “Paradise-Engineering”. We are dedicated to an ambitious global technology project to provide renewable green energy in the form of Biodiesel, Biogases and Solar Water Distillation of either raw seawater or contaminated fresh water to the global citizens in need. We will seek to abolish the biological substrates of suffering of those in need of energy and potable water.

Absurd? No! The blueprint for a Post-Darwinian Transition is conceptually simple, technically feasible and morally urgent.

At present, life on earth is controlled by self-replicating DNA. Selfish genes ensure that cruelty, pain, malaise are endemic to the living world.

Yet all traditional religions, all social and economic ideologies and all political parties are alike in one respect. They ignore the biochemical roots of our ill-being. So the noisy trivia of party-politics distract us from what needs to be done.

The ethical importance of the decisions we make can scarcely be exaggerated. Soon we'll be forced to choose how much suffering in the living world we want to conserve and create; or whether we wish to abolish pain completely.

n the end, the greatest obstacles to super health and a cruelty-free world may prove ideological, not technical. The DOVE BIOTECH campaign is the promotion of “Paradise-Engineering” as a rigorous academic discipline and a mature applied science. This will benefit a global population with a desperate need to control its resources in order to uplift and enhance their lives.


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