Today Ethanol production has become big business and forms an integral part of any nation’s strategic energy policies and as such, DOVE BIOTECH have taken “fuel grade Ethanol” production to the next level with a revolutionary designed micro sieve technology which takes beverage grade ethanol to “fuel grade ethanol” , without the costly inception of hydrolyzed lime beds. DOVE BIOTECH (CET™) is molecular sieve technology working on the principle of pressure swing adsorption wherein water is first removed by adsorbing on surface of “molecular sieves” and then cyclically removing it under different conditions including steaming.

Molecular Sieve Dehydration Technology utilizes micro-porous particles such as alumino-silicates, processing a very precise pore size. The pores make it possible to separate small molecules from large ones through selective adsorption. Ethanol can also be produced from “cellulosic biomass” such as trees and grasses and is called Bioethanol. The fuel grade Ethanol (Anhydrous Alcohol or dry Ethanol) contains no more than 0.5% water. It is used as an octane enhancer for automotive gasoline.

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