ANTINFEK™ ( 10G , 30P AND 10H )

As world health agencies grip with the impending consequences of a pandemic of proportions unequalled in this century DOVE BIOTECH in it’s ongoing research and development, have developed, tested and patented the ultimate organic solution that provides a 100% kill factor for the total eradication and destruction of the type (A, B, and C) viruses and bacterium, including Bird-Flu (H5N1) virus, SARS, other 15 types of AVIAN INFLUENZA virus types, Tuberculoses, HIV, ANTRAX, etc., within any exterior physical environment.

ANTINFEK™ has been extensively tested by the independent laboratories and has been approved by FDA (FDA # A40288282).

The basis of ANTINFEK 10G™ & 30 P™ compound is organic polymers - well water-soluble bactericidal Polyelectrolytes based on Guanidin compounds, which kill both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Moreover, these polymers have properties of a cathyon-type flocculent, which leads to enlargement of the polluting particles – and therefore provides higher quality of filtration and results in higher purity of water.

    • ANTINFEK™ 10 H

ANTINFEK™ 10H is a powerful organic Bio-Polymer based compound, with no side effect to human and environment. ANTINFEK™ 10H is 100% effective in decontamination of water against water born diseases, bacterium and Fungis.

ANTINFEK™ 10H with a simple application and instant results is added to the drinking and natural water, pool water, city water, industrial sewage, equipment cooling systems, open-ended heat-supply system hot water, and pipeline, as well as for medical decontamination and disinfections of potable water, and household, child care, public catering, and food industry facilities.

ANTINFEK™ 10H is the only organic product developed exclusively by DOVE BIOTECH, which is FDA approved (FDA registration # A4 0288282), with total protection from water born dieses, pathogenic bacterium, Gram + VE and Gram – VE, Bacterium, and Fungis. ANTINFEK™ 10H meets the strictest environmental, safety, and durability requirements without changing decontamination technology or existing equipment, and one also capable of replacing the existent reagents such as chlorines & hydrochlorides etc.


PROBIO AQUAMED™ isa natural bacteria enzyme designed for use as biological aqua farming treatment addressing undesirable pathogens in fish farming and creating a Probiotics effect to prevent bacterial diseases PROBIO AQUAMED eliminates the need for chemicals and anti biotic drugs, which are costly and have a detrimental affect upon the marketability of the aqua farming operations.

PROBIO AQUAMED™ has been proven against aqua farming diseases such as Epizootic Hematopoietic Necrosis, Virus Disease, such as Herpes virus, Herpes virosis of Salmonids, Spring Viremia of Carp, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia and Luminous Vibrio.


ORGANOZORBORGANOZORB™ is the latest “State of the Art” organic solution for hydrocarbon spills (fossil crude and related Petro chemicals) and related waste management for the hydrocarbon industry, either on land or on water. Due to ORGANOZORB™ unique organic qualities, it contains the ability to absorb, emulsify and separate the hydrocarbons into exceptionally small micro emulsions while absorbing them into its micro porous cations. These actions render volatile hydrocarbons less flammable and at the same time greatly stimulate bioremediation of the hydrocarbon by increasing the end chain exposure created by the micro emulsions, therefore making the hydrocarbon a readily available food source for the in built bacteria. This action renders the hydrocarbon or Petro chemical into a non toxic substance that has no detrimental environmental effect upon the land or water.


“State of the Art” and the latest in organic waste water is treatment solution, which creates a separation of organic or inorganic loads from the waste streams of various industrial applications. Commonly, waste water streams were managed through the application of various waste water ponds, whereby the process of waste water treatment was left to aerobic applications, which did little to address heavy soluble metals and other related carcogenic material that may be inherent within the waste water. Utilizing CWP-121™ waste water solution, applications can be addressed for town water supplies, sewerage effluent, biological ponds, industrial and mining waster water discharges and many other waste water streams that need a total solution. CWP-121™ has a particularly high selectivity for NH4 and can reduce ammonium content in any waste water by up to 97%, and with modifications in ion charge CWP-121™ provides the flexibility to absorb anions as well as cations and also non polar organics such as benzene, toluene and xylene. CWP-121™ is an excellent ion exchanger for the removal and recovery of heavy metal cations such as Pb,Cu,Cd,Zn,Co,Cr,Mn, and Fe with a recovery rate up to 97%.

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