Ethanol production has moved into high tech with the advent of DOVE BIOTECH CONTINUOUS ZERO DISCHARGE TECHNOLOGY. Due to environmental concerns over waste water discharge and the concerns of a valuable waste stream not being utilized Dove Biotech has responded with CZD technology which converts this waste into energy, and fertilizer utilizing complete neutral emissions on waste streams from an ethanol production. The biological energy of organic particulars in the ethanol waste stream is converted to thermal energy and fertilizer using DOVE BIOTECH’S EXCLUSIVE CZD CONTINUOUS ZERO DISCHARGE TECHNOLOGY.

The biological energy of the organic particles in the waste water stream are converted to thermal energy, which in turn is used in a boiler system to produce steam. Part of this steam is used as a heat media in the concentration where condensate is produced. The thermal energy is used in two forms;

1) To provide a heat source for the ethanol production and
2) To recycle the concentrate ash into high grade potassic fertilizer.
3) To provide additional electrical generation this can be sold on to the public grid.

As the normal solid content within the waste water stream is 12% with 9-10% being organic load , with the additional being 2-3% ash, the CZD CONTINUOUS ZERO DISCHARGE TECHNOLOGY from DOVE BIOTECH provides the ethanol operator with another return on his investment by value adding to the waste stream.


1) Minimal Labor
2) Stable operation
3) 100% recovery of the waste stream from the ethanol production
4) An advanced control system, developed through years of experience, to provide sustained, stable, automatic operation.


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